Advanced A/B Tests Extension

Test pricing, shipping thresholds, extensions - even completely different stores - while maintaining one set of orders, one list of products and one customer database.

Pricing Is Tough. Shipping Is Expensive. Stakes Are High.

Despite all the technical advances in ecommerce, setting optimal pricing and shipping rates is a universal challenge.

Advanced A/B Tests Extension is specific to the Magento platform, offers merchants unique and valuable testing opportunities to maximize revenue.

Make intelligent pricing decisions and set beneficial shipping thresholds.

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Get the Data You Need

Shop owners are regularly missing out on 5-10% or even more profits because of imperfect pricing and unfavorable free shipping thresholds.

With advanced testing methods, pricing managers can get the data they need to maximize profit.

Say “Farewell” to Flawed Methods

Merchants find guidance haphazardly through flawed methods, including:

  • Comparison shopping competitors, Amazon
  • Experimenting with promotions and discounts
  • Adjust pricing and review
  • Gather customer feedback: focus groups, surveys

How Is the Advanced A/B Tests Extension Different From Other Testing Tools?

It allows you to run important tests the other tools can't run.

Whereas other tools can only make front end changes, the Best World's A/B Tests Extension can dynamically A/B test anything you can change in your store settings.

It's like being able to test two completely different Magento stores against each other, but with just ONE set of orders, products and customers.

Test & Learn ᭸ What Works Best for Your Site

Examples of available tests using the Advanced A/B Tests Extension:

  • Increasing prices 5% vs. decreasing prices 10%.
  • Combine: free shipping + 5% price increase.
  • Modified categorization, navigation.
  • Extension vs. extensions | OneStepCheckout.
  • Search backends.
  • Completely different customer-facing stores.

What Are People Testing With the Advanced A/B Tests Extension?

  • Pricing Test.
  • Free Shipping Thresholds Test.
  • Configuration Options.
  • Checkout Extensions Test.
  • Complete Redesign Test.
  • Data Reporting: Google Analytics.
  • Coming Soon! Control Tests in Adobe Target.

Advanced Testing Reveals Lopsided Trade Offs Exposing Hidden Revenue Opportunities

Here are just a couple examples of the significant recurring revenue becoming available:


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